Ginette Oliver



About Ginette Oliver

As a teenager, Ginette discovered a love of travelling. She loves nothing more than exploring new places, meeting new people, and learning about different cultures. She later spent time studying and working abroad, which led to her first role at Intel. She soon found her way to the world of Human Resources, where her passion for people and culture flourished. Ginette developed an insatiable curiosity for Learning & Organisational Development and has dedicated her career to creating energising environments, developing leaders, and driving performance.

Ginette loves the challenge of a knotty necklace. Her tenacity to get to the root of the issue, along with her pragmatic approach, supports the effective transformation of people and organisations. Throughout her colourful career, she’s held numerous leadership positions across a variety of sectors, including Technology, Financial Services, Retail, Health Care and Not-For-Profit.

Known for her infectious energy and positive outlook, Ginette truly believes that work should be fun, and encourages others to embrace their playful side while getting the job done.

Ginette joined the TCM Group in early 2023 as our Director of Transformation Services. She brings her varied experience and knowledge of Learning & Organisational Development to support our transformational People and Culture services, which includes Resolution Framework, Engage Leadership, and Engage Coaching to name just a few.

Ginette has a degree in International Business, a post-graduate diploma in HR Management (CIPD) and an ICF accredited diploma in Transformational Coaching.

When Ginette isn’t busy transforming businesses, you can find her indulging in her love of the outdoors; whether it’s a coastal walk, paddle boarding in the harbour or simply enjoying a picnic on the beach. When she’s not doing that, she’s probably getting lost in a good book.