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With offices in The UK and the US, TCM’s expert team are available to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of people and culture consulting and project management services. We act as your trusted partner throughout the lifecycle of the people and culture assignment or cultural transformation programme.

Our people and culture consultancy services are explained in more detail below. Alternatively, you can contact us today:

“We were cognisant that our grievance process was acting as a counterculture to the people-led values we upheld as a bank. As a result of working with TCM to introduce their Resolution Framework, our people and culture function has changed from the authoritarian arm of management to a true strategic partner of the business and its people.”


Our People and Culture Consultancy Services include:

  • Award winning workplace mediation, facilitation and coaching services plus fully accredited mediation and coaching training programmes.
  • Developing or reviewing your organization’s purpose and values and supporting their integration across your organization. Please click here to view an example of a values based system that TCM has developed.
  • Undertaking people and culture diagnostics using our highly acclaimed 5D Review™.
  • Supporting your HR team to transition to a people and culture team.
  • Supporting you and your stakeholders as you embed a transformational culture into your organisation.
  • Supporting the development of your people and culture strategy.
  • Developing your cross functional People and Culture Hub™ including defining the composition, purpose, terms of reference, and objectives for the Hub.
  • Developing the associated systems and processes to support the integration of your people and culture function. These may include employee handbooks, management guidance and policy frameworks.
  • Developing behavioural frameworks (aligned to your purpose and values)
  • Design and deliver people and culture leadership boot camps.

In addition, we are experts in:

  • Integrating transformative justice via the award winning Resolution Framework™.
  • Supporting cultural alignment during and after a merger or acquisition. We are also able to deliver culture change and change management consultancy throughout an M&A.
  • Developing competency and capability frameworks for your people and culture team.
  • Individual and group coaching for your people and culture team
  • Integrating TCM’s Transformational Performance System™ with all associated training
  • Undertaking wellbeing, engagement and inclusion audits followed by strategy development, delivery, and evaluation
  • Aligning Employee Experience (EX) with Customer Experience (CX).
  • Employer branding consultancy
  • Employee voice and internal communications consulting
  • Turnaround consultancy relating to risk management, adverse branding and poor/toxic culture
  • Mergers and acquisitions (cultural mapping and cultural alignment).

Diagnostics for culture change.
The 5D Review™

Our culture diagnostic services have been carefully designed and rigorously tested over many years. They help your organisation to understand your unique cultural context, your short to medium term goals and your longer term objectives.

The data are then used to design and develop a plan of action. TCM’s innovative 5D Review™ is robust, rigorous and strengths based. We have used the very latest thinking in action research, positive psychology, appreciative inquiry and systems theory to develop the 5D Review™.

Upon completion of the 5D review, you will receive a detailed report which can be used as your internal business case to garner senior management support and engagement. It can also be used to develop benchmark indicators for the long term evaluation of the culture transformation.


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