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A world class Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

People and Culture professionals are redefining the relationship between employers and their employees. They are putting purpose, values and people first.

A successful employee value proposition (EVP) is characterised by the features of a transformational culture i.e. fairness, justice, inclusion, sustainability and high performance. In the new world of work, the role of P&C is to align the needs and aspirations of the workforce with the strategic objectives of the employer. Increasingly, this means that P&C are responsible for aligning the EVP with the customer value proposition (CVP). This is as powerful as it is transformative – it places P&C at the heart of the organizations’ strategy, purpose, vision and values.

By rejecting the broken paradigms of transactional human resources – which was characterised by rigid processes, retributive policies and corrosive procedures – P&C is creating powerful alignments which allow employees to thrive and for their organization to flourish. The success of P&C is therefore measured in terms of enhanced social value, enhanced stakeholder value and enhanced shareholder value.

When our needs, goals and aspirations align with the purpose, values and vision of our organization it creates an incredible energy which drives us, our teams and our organization to ever greater levels of brilliance. This sense of connectedness, belonging and common purpose are the enablers of a positive workplace culture; and they are the defining characteristics of a successful business.

- David Liddle

How can we help you to achieve a world class Employee Value Proposition?

Purpose, vision and values

We can help you to develop your organization’s purpose, vision and values. We can also review your existing purpose, vision and values to ensure they fully reflect your organization and they are fully integrated across your organization.

Employee value proposition audit

We can examine the various features of your current EVP and provide recommendations regarding areas where your purpose and values could be more visible and impactful and your EVP could be enhanced.

Job design, recruitment and onboarding processes.

We can support you to develop purpose driven, values based and person centred job design processes, recruitment processes and onboarding (induction) processes. We can also design and deliver training to support managers and others to assist them with job design, recruitment and onboarding.

Developing a modern employee handbook.

We can help you to develop a modern employee handbook which balances legal and regulatory compliance with the development of a purpose driven, values based and person centred workplace for your employees. It goes without saying that we will help you to transform any outdated grievance, discipline and performance management procedures into a fully integrated Resolution Framework™

Aligning EVP with customer value proposition (CVP).

We can support you to align your employee value proposition with your customer value proposition, this includes drawing from best practice from your customer service and customer experience. The best EVP treats employees as customers and we are seeing customer service becoming a core capability of the modern P&C function, Naturally, we can design and deliver customer service training for P&C professionals.

Performance management, reward, and benefits systems.

Our unique Transformational Performance System™ (TPS for short) enables employees, teams and their managers to thrive and flourish. It’s heavy on coaching, nudge theory, positive psychology, emotional intelligence and appreciative inquiry. TPS won’t work in organizations who do ‘command and control’. It does work in organizations which want to create happier, healthier, more harmonious and higher performing teams.

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