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Many in HR are committed to developing a workplace culture which is aligned to the purpose of the organization and the diverse and often complex needs of its workforce. Recognising that the traditional human resource systems and HR models of old were failing to meet either, the people and culture function is releasing itself from the rigid and often restrictive policies and practices of the past. The people and culture profession is embarking on an exciting journey with renewed sense of impetus driven by purpose, values and people.

TCM has been leading the way in the transformation of HR towards a people and culture function. We are proud to be partnering with an increasing number organizations and people and culture teams to help them their full potential and to unlock the brilliance of others.

“The TCM approach aligns with our purpose, creates space for people to engage in constructive dialogue, and provides the ability to facilitate open and honest adult-to-adult conversations.”


Why choose The TCM Group as your People & Culture partner?

Since 2001, TCM has been on a mission to help HR professionals to focus less on policy and more on people. We are recognised as one of the first true disruptors of HR and our track record, alongside numerous awards and accolades speak for themselves.

Part of The TCM Group.
People and Culture Consulting is proud to be part of The TCM Group. Established in 2001, TCM is a leading provider of culture change, resolution and leadership development
World Class
Our CEO, David Liddle has received numerous accolades for his pioneering work. The TCM team have won numerous industry awards including HR consultancy of the year and change management initiative of the year.
Your trusted partner
The TCM team is proud of our track record as the trusted partner to some of the world's most famous brands and well regarded organizations.

People & Culture Consulting is proud to be part of The TCM Group

The TCM ecosystem comprises 10 brands which work independently to deliver high quality people and culture, resolution and leadership services to our customers However, when combined, these brands form a powerful  and holistic solution for our customers which spans their entire employee and customer value propositions.

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