Culture Audits, Team Climate Health Checks and Engagement Surveys

A comprehensive evaluation of what is working well and any challenges that you are facing

Evidence. Engagement. Impact.

These are the three defining characteristics of our employee engagement surveys (Apaxio Engage™), cultural audits (5D Review™) and workplace reviews (Team Climate Health check™).

We draw on the latest thinking and best practice from the areas of people analytics, diagnostic OD (situational assessment to change systems and structures) and dialogic OD (using dialogue to assess and change mindsets and behaviours). When used in combination, they provide a powerful culture mapping experience for our customers. Utilising our person-centred and holistic approach to data gathering and evidence analysis, our customers can identify norms, trends, patterns, hotspots, strengths, weaknesses, areas of good practice and potential challenges.

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The modern people and culture function uses data and evidence to deliver enhanced employee experience (EX) and world class customer experience (CX).

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