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Creating cultural alignment and avoiding culture shock

Anyone who has been part of a merger or acquisition, either as an employee living through it or a leader helping to drive it, can attest to the heady mix of excitement, trepidation, hope and confusion that typically surrounds the joining together of two organisations. Everyone hopes it will be a roaring success, with the synergies between the two parties resulting in happy and engaged teams, increased innovation and productivity, competitive edge and improved shareholder value.

As the raft of failures that regularly hit the headlines show, however, getting together on the ground isn’t always that easy, with a host of financial, operational, communication and cultural challenges to overcome. That’s where we can help.

The stakes – both financial and human are high – and in fact it’s the human element (the marriage of two cultures) that is at the root of many unsuccessful M&A transactions. What looks like a great partnership in strategic and financial terms can often start to unravel when it becomes apparent that the purpose, values and leadership style of the two organisations are very different.

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