Jonathan Rodrigues



About Jonathan Rodrigues

Jonathan Rodrigues was once an adventurous Jesuit Scholastic, then a student of Criminal Psychology, spent half a decade in the newsroom as a Journalist, dabbled as an entrepreneur and has now committed his skills and energy to the emerging people and culture profession.

Jonathan is certified mediator, with an academic background in Psychology and Law at Goa University, India. Jonathan graduated from his LL.M. studies in Mediation and Conflict Resolution with Distinction from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

Back in India, Jonathan founded The PACT, a firm dedicated to mediation awareness and training. Through various educational initiatives hosted by The PACT, Jonathan has been able to work with nearly 10,000 law students in India, initiating them into the world of mediation and collaborative conflict resolution.

Prior to his mediation career, Jonathan enjoyed a successful career in journalism, and was positioned as a senior copy-editor and writer at The Times of India. Jonathan is currently working on a couple of mediation publications, and blogs regularly at and the International Mediation Institute.

He recently contributed, as an author, to ‘Conciliation and Mediation in India’ published by Wolters-Kluwer (February 2022) and ‘Mediation Moves’ published by Wolfgang Metzner Verlag (March 2022).

Jonathan has a TEDx Talk on the Multi-Door Dispute Resolution System, highlighting the immense responsibility of the lawyer and user to promote mediation.